The Roofing Guys

TRG, a Roofing Specialist, operates all over Gauteng. We erect new roofs and are able to refurnish old roofs, fix leaks and generally make sure the roofing structures, (regardless of the material used) is kept in mint condition at all times. We help our clients understand just how important it is to maintain their roofs. It is a good idea to ask TRG a expert roofing company to perform an annual inspection and to report on latent defects. Prevention is always better than cure. TRG focuses on roofs only and knows everything there is to know about roofing, our teams are highly trained and have years of experience in our field. Show them a structure and they will roof it.

TRG prides ourselves on prompt and efficient service delivery. We understand the fact that a problem with a roof is always urgent. If a leak is not repaired straight away, problems can quickly develop and may lead to damaged furniture, carpets and ceilings. When living in Gauteng and in need of any type of roofing service, contact this industry leader. We know how to roof and best of all, We are extremely competitive with our prices.