Roofing Specialist

TRG Has a More than 40 years of Roofing Experience.

With Dedication we strive in a verity of :

  • Design and Fabricating hand made Exposed trusses.
  • Metal Sheeting and Concrete Tiles Installation.
  • Timber Trusses Installation.
  • Ceilings.
  • Torch-on Waterproofing.
  • Fascia & Barge Boards.
  • Gutters.
  • Timber Deck Structures.

So, just what does a roof consist of? Most people think it’s just a timber structure that supports a layer of tiles or sheets. In fact, a roof is a complex structure that is very important to the structural integrity of a home. It consists of many vital components.

The Covering of a roof can consist of a variety of materials, Concrete tiles remains popular but metal sheeting is going for the Modern Look now days.

Home owners should insist that roofing contractors submit a written quotation that specifies the materials for roofing a Building.